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Be Prepared – Avoid Winter Disasters

Wondering about that winter storm with ice, snow and high winds? During the fall, take steps to prepare your home so it’s protected against winter “disasters” such as fallen tree limbs, broken power lines, leaking pipes, damaged roofs and flooded basements.

Remove dead and unhealthy branches that won’t be able to resist ice or snow buildup. Prune inward toward the center of the tree. Cut back branches that hang over your roof or are too close to power lines. Ice storms coat tree limbs with ice, adding to their weight.

Plant new trees at least 45 feet away from utility wires.

Clean out gutters and sweep off flat rooftops to protect against leaf build-ups that plug your downspouts, leading to basement flooding.

Disconnect all garden hoses, sprinkler accessories and attachments, then install outdoor faucet covers to keep frost and other moisture out.
Insulate your roof and crawl space. otherwise, snow and ice will continue to melt and refreeze, which causes build up or “ice dams” on your room. Ice dams lead to leaks, and when they slide forward, damage or destroy your gutters.

Insulating pipes on outdoor walls will help prevent frozen water pipes. Heat tape plugs can be used to warm pipes. other methods include wrapping tapes in pipe “jacketing”, and packing fiberglass insulation around inlet pipes.

Protect tender, small trees and shrubs near walkways where there may be salt, by using burlap wrap. ask your local garden nursery for the best solution for your plants.