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Be Travel – Smart this Summer

Thousands are heading out this time of the year to enjoy a well-deserved summer vacation. You want all your memories to be great ones, so don’t let a missed flight or a stolen passport make you forget the good times. Here are a few vacation tips to keep you safe, and help you be more “travel-smart”. 

Planes, Trains & Automobiles – Check Schedules

When it comes to airport security, remember to arrive at least two hours before your flight.
If you need a rented vehicle at your destination, book it in advance. Same goes with train and bus tickets (if you can). 

  • Double check departure times. Car ferry schedules can change at the last minute because of weather, so have a back-up plan. 
  • Arriving at a destination in order to join up with a tour or cruise? Arrive the day ahead so there is no chance that a delay could mess up your entire trip. 

Remember the Essentials

  • Pack any medications in one easy-to-find place, making sure they are in their original packaging with instructions. In a notebook or on your phone, list RX numbers and pharmacy contact information in case you need to refill while away. 
  • Keep medications and other essentials with your carry-on luggage so you can get by for 2-3 days if your luggage goes astray.

Wallets & Passports

  • Empty your wallet of extra bulk. Don’t bring all your credit cards, and don’t include your SIN card.
  • Record the numbers of all credit cards (and phone numbers to contact the companies) and your SIN card. Make a copy of your passport page that shows your passport number and expiry date, and do the same as above. Leave all these behind with a friend or family member. Don’t carry the list with you!

Protect Your Health

  • Remember sunscreen!
  • If you’re staying in hotels and motels, learn how to detect bed bugs. Consider bringing a bed bug detector. These can be placed under hotel mattresses or on the floor next to furniture. Before you pack up, check the see through window for bed bugs to avoid bringing this type of bugs home as souvenirs.

Plan & Be Prepared for Detours

Trips that are too tightly planned can quickly run into challenges when something interrupts the “to see” list. Planning is a good idea for most, but keep things loose so you can accommodate a change. Often, a trip “interruption” ends up being the best part of the journey! You get delayed because of a bridge closure but spend an extra evening at a local fair. Or as one friend found out: when her luggage went astray, she learned how little she really needed to bring in order to enjoy a trip!