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Beaches Holiday Gift Guide

There is nothing that says ‘I care’ more than a thoughtful gift. Sharing in the joy of the season, spending time with friends and family, giving and receiving – these are the things that make this time of the year so magical. Let your loved ones know just how special they are with the ideal gift…your local retailers have a wealth of goodies, right on your doorstep.

Beaches|life Gift Suggestions and Ideas at Local Shops:


❍ Artisan cheese selection
❍ i-tunes gift card
❍ Specialty tea selection with handcrafted mug
❍ Newspaper subscription
❍ Homemade cookies with handwritten recipe
❍ Manicure gift coupon
My Beaches Entertainment Pass ($20) – Fox Theatre.

Titika Water Bottles ($20) – Titika Activewear. 30pk Emergen-C Assorted Flavours ($19.99), 30pk, Coryzala Cold Formula (13.99) – Beach Apothecary.
Glasses Cleaner Kits ($5-$10), Glasses Repair Kit ($10) – Envy Eyewear Boutique. Shortbread Shapes available in Trees, Angels, Snowmen and more ($3-$4.50) – Mary Mccleod’s Shortbread. Awaken my Senses ($20.99-$26.99) – Hoopers Pharmacy.


❍ Homemade wine starter kit
❍ Session with a local fortune teller
❍ Hobby-related gift basket
❍ Spa treatment certificate
❍ Donation to a charity in their name
A wide selection of Vintage Wine – local L.C.B.O. stores. My Family Beaches Entertainment Pass ($40) – Fox Theatre. 3 White T-shirts Printed with your Favourite Images ($45) – Club Ink. Wrapsol Ultra Protective Film for iPhone 4
or BlackBerry 9700 ($34.99) – Experience Communi-cations. Dermalogica Gift Set $50 – The 10 Spot Beauty Bar.  Quality Teak Carvings ($40+) – Enchanted Teak. Reading Glasses ($30-$40) – Envy Eyewear Boutique. Teaser/Intro to Pole Dancing ($25/1 hour) – Aradia Fitness. Burlesque Lessons-includes Feather Boa ($49/4 wks) – Sugar Foot Studio. Chockful Tin of Handmade All-Butter Shortbread ($44.50) – Mary Mccleod’s Shortbread. Individual Fitness Membership ($30/1 month) –Variety Village. Masada Herb Spa ($25.99) – Hoopers Pharmacy.


❍ House cleaning appointment
❍ Musical theater tickets
❍ Vouchers for activities eg: circus school, indoor rock climbing
Live Opera & Fine Dining in the Beaches ($55) – BlackBerry OEM Bluetooth Stereo Gateway Mini USB ($99.99) – Experience Communications. All Canadian, Beaches made Love Fresh Lotion or Scrub with a Pedicure Gift Card ($74) – The 10 Spot Beauty Bar. Titika Mesh Jacket ($88) – Titika Activewear.  New Zealand whey isolate-5 lb (74.99) – Beach Apothecary. Diamond Tome Micro Dermabrasion Facial Rejuvenation ($50) – Paramedical Skin Health. Stress Management Consultation ($100/1 hr.), Hypnosis for Stress Reduction or Weight Management ($100/1 hr.),
Reiki Session for Deep Relaxation with Reiki Master ($75/1 hr.) – Gillian Padgett, Stress Management Consultant. Mini Folding Tables ($100), Bowls ($60+) – Enchanted Teak. LED Light Readers ($50) – Envy Eyewear Boutique. Gift Certificates for Catering ($50+) – Feast Your Eyes! Hypnosis Session for Relaxation, Stress  or Curiousity ($100) – Peace of Mind Hypnosis.  Beginner Pole Dancing Session ($99) – Aradia Fitness.  Belly Dance Lessons Basic or Beginner-includes Coin Hip Scarf ($99) – Sugar Foot Studio. Tower of Handmade All-Butter Shortbread ($75) – Mary Mccleod’s Shortbread. Family Fitness Membership ($60/1 month) – Variety Village.

TOP GIFT IDEAS $100 & up

❍ Home catered meal
❍ Prepaid 6 month coffee card
❍ Pet portrait
❍ Yoga or pilates classes
❍ Fine dining restaurant  gift certificate
Safe Door System ($185+), Draft Dodger Letter Box ($110+) – Jaimco Doors and Windows Inc.  BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth voice controlled speaker ($169.99) – Experience Communications. Titika Miracle Jacket ($128) – Titika Activewear. Photo Facial for
Pigmentation & Red Vessles ($199), Deep Wrinkle Skin Tightening Fractional Re-Surfacing Spot Treatment ($250) – Paramedical Skin Health. Zoom Teeth Whitening ($500), Invisilign ($3,000+) – Dr. Jay Rabinovich. Retractable Screens for your Doors or Windows by Genius – Budget Blinds. Teak Furnishings such as Shower Stools ($125) – Enchanted Teak. Designer Sunglasses by Maui Jim, Oakley, Chanel ($100+) – Envy Eyewear Boutique. Stop Smoking Program ($597), Weight Loss Program ($797) – Peace of Mind Hypnosis.  Drop in fitness class cards ($125/10 classes, $150/20 classes) – Aradia Fitness. Couples Ballroom Lessons-includes Fred Astaire DVD ($125) – Sugar Foot Studio. Litebook Light Therapy Lamp ($169.99) – Hoopers Pharmacy.