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Beat the Summer Heat

It might have taken its own sweet time, but summer is finally here. And living in Toronto, we know our summers can get  pretty hot. Temperatures in the city can climb to 36 degrees, and that is not including the humidity. But we won’t complain this year about it being so hot. Heat comes with  the season. Summer 2020 is going to be different. You  might have spent all winter waiting for summer to arrive; you can’t turn back now! This year we will beat the heat  while still enjoying the season. Sounds impossible right?  It’s a tricky task, but it’s definitely doable. There are plenty of things you can do that won’t require an air conditioner. 

Here are Some Tips for Beating the Summer Heat

Stay Away From Hot Foods – An easy way to beat the heat is to stay away from hot foods. There’s a reason most people don’t eat ice cream in the winter. Help your body regulate its internal temperature by saving the hot soups and stews or steaming teas for another day. 

Although hot foods aren’t good, spicy foods are. Spicy foods help your body sweat, and when sweat evaporates it cools down your body. This summer ditch the hot foods for spicy alternatives.

Find a Cool Place  – During the summer heat waves it is a good idea to find a cool place to spend your time. Any place with shade will be drastically cooler than being out in the sun. If you are looking for shade outdoors you can read a book under a tree. North and West facing porches are great for morning shade while East-facing porches are great for afternoon shade. There are also rooms inside the home that are usually cool. On those hot summer days, working out of the basement is a great option.

Know Your Bodies Cooling Points – Understanding your body is crucial to beating the heat, especially if your home doesn’t have air conditioning. You can apply an ice pack, or cold towel to your cooling points. This can include wrists, back of the neck, forehead, or even the armpits.

Turn Off Electronics – Everyday electronics produce heat and we don’t even notice. One of the biggest culprits are computers. When using a laptop try not to rest it on your lap. And when you aren’t using the computer, turn on low power or “sleep mode” instead of leaving it on.

Keep Hydrated – Drink water often.  Staying hydrated is an easy way to stay cool. When our bodies are hot they perspire and it is important to replace the moisture lost. As you lose water to dehydration, your body temperature rises, so replacing fluids is essential to keeping cool. Avoid drinks that contain a lot of sugar or caffeine as they are also dehydrating. Water is the best option, but so are fruits and vegetables that have a high concentration of water. Watermelons are a perfect choice.