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Best Friends Forever

With children heading back to school, many parents ask, “How can I help my child make good friends?” Check out these tips for helping your child find friends, make friends and keep friends:

Talk with your child about what makes a good friend. “Good friends want to know about you, they don’t just talk about themselves.” Show them photos of your friends and talk about why they are good friends.

Encourage them to find someone who shares the same interest, then set up a play date around that interest.

Arrange play dates, but keep them under 2 hours with no more than 3 friends. Be available to see how things are going without interfering with their play. If there seems to be a conflict then talk with your child afterward about it.

If your child really doesn’t want to go to a friend’s play date or party, let them tell you why and respect their decision. Children are very perceptive of situations that don’t feel comfortable.

Let your children meet your friends to see how it’s done. Introduce them and encourage them to introduce themselves.

Let friendship happen naturally. Sometimes, there isn’t someone suitable to be a friend. Never force it.