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Best, Worst and Most Interesting Gift This Year

I remember one year tracking down a second hand flute in Winnipeg then shipping it to Toronto in time to give to our daughter for Christmas. I’ll never forget how happy she was and how surprised. It must have made an impact – today she is a music teacher!

Sometimes the best gift you ever got was something unexpected; tickets to a special game, a visit from a loved one, a homemade treat, a piece of art, maybe an item that a child made with care in kindergarten. As well, we have all had that gift that made you say, “oh, I just love it,” while you were thinking, “what is it!?”

We at Beaches|life want to know! Tell us about your best, worst and most interesting gifts you received and you may win a prize. This does not have to be limited to a wrapped object. Your best gifts may be published in our 2012 annual Holiday Gift Guide.

Email your gifts and brief write-up to Tell us why you consider it one of your best, worst or most interesting gifts. Of course, we all know it is the thought that really counts…. right?