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Before Hopping On Your Bike This Spring

BikePumpBike Safety & Traffic Tickets

Now that Spring has arrived, many Torontonians are shining and tuning up their bicycles – getting them ready for another season.

Bike_HelmetWe are all aware of the traffic laws when it applies to cars, but do you know there are many traffic laws for cyclist as well?

BikeLockToronto Police are paying closer attention to the behaviors of cyclists on the road, and giving tickets for infractions. Here are some of the fines that apply to cyclists:

  • Not wearing a helmet if under 18 years of age = $75BikeLite
  • Disobey a stop sign = $85
  • Fail to signal a stop or turn = $85
  • Riding in or along crosswalks and pedestrian crossings at intersections = $85
  • Fail to stop at a red light = $325
  • Red light, proceed before green = $325
  • Fail to stop for emergency vehicles = $400
  • Careless driving = $500

BikeHornSource: Cycle Toronto