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Bringing in Spring

RobinWhere ever you go in early spring, it never fails to bring a smile and a bit of joy to one’s life. After a cold and dreary winter, you start seeing those wonderful early signs of spring. The pop of spring flowers is always the first sign that helps us feel new life and look forward to a new season.

Bring spring into your life:

  • Potted bulbs, brought inside and watered, grow so fast you can almost see them move! The fragrance of a pot of hyacinths will fill a room, tulips will open overnight to brighten any room.
  • Many seeds planted indoors at this time of the year, like tomato seeds, can later be transplanted outside in mid-May, the extras given away as gifts.
  • Tree and shrub branches brought indoors will swell and burst into bloom, or into soft green leaves. Forsythia is best because of its bright yellow blooms, but also look for pussy willows.
  • facilia12985436_lWhile you’re observing spring around you, note the type of plants or blooms that attract you, find out the name and plan on growing it next year.
  • Notice the birds in the park and backyard, and note the kind and variety. Have they returned after migrating south for the winter?
  • Decorate a back deck, front porch, apartment balcony and windows with
    spring flowers as your personal garden.
  • Display fresh cut in a vase in your home.
  • If you have allergies to flowers, fragrant candles and oils can fill a room with
    spring scents, look for lilac or hyacinth.
  • Open the windows in your home, in your car, and let spring breezes clean the air!