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Celebrating Singlehood on February 14: It’s Your Day!

Note: some ideas and suggestions are created before COVID, though all ideas can be applied with a little creative mind…

SinglehoodFeb14It’s Valentine’s Day – the lovers have this pseudo-holiday covered in all its commercial glory, but did you know that it’s for you, the singles, too?

If you belong to the singlehood, here are a few ideas of how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day or kick back and have fun:

Love is not just about romance. Pick five people who are close to you, let them know you’re thinking of them by either calling them or sending chocolates, flowers or a card.

Love yourself. Buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers. Cook your favourite meal for one or go out to see a movie. If you are a popcorn lover, treat yourself to the biggest bag of popcorn (even if you know you can’t finish it). Go shopping and buy something for yourself. Do something that will make you happy and feel good.

Do something for your neighbours, especially the elderly. You may bring them a little plant, a card or some cookies to make them feel warm and make yourself feel good too.

 Find new love. Have you always been curious about yoga or Pilates, but afraid to try it? Maybe take up samba, skating or painting – sign up for a class, and see how it goes. You may discover a new hobby you absolutely adore.

Make a night of it. Get together with friends, dress up, and go somewhere you haven’t gone before. Go to a karaoke bar and belt your heart out. Take a martini mixing course and get a little silly. Celebrate the people who’ve stuck by you and make new memories.

Throw a party. If you’re planning on staying home, throw a party. Invite your friends, single or not. Throw on a series of rom-coms as background noise, let loose and have fun.

Book a trip. This year Valentine’s Day falls on the Friday before Family Day. Plan a vacation or weekend getaway, either by yourself or with a friend, and it may end up being your best Valentine’s yet.

Remember, living alone doesn’t mean you are alone. Valentine’s is a special day to give love to yourself and others who love you.