Past Issues:

Cheers 2010! A new attitude for the new decade!

What a decade we have just walked through since entering the new millennium! From some serious world issues, a recession that has affected many, to record breaking weather conditions such as never-ending snowfalls and warm sunshine in November. We’ve seen the Green Movement bring us down to earth and back to basics! And technology with the Internet has continued to expand at exponential speed.

With all the ups and downs of the past decade, we are stronger and more clear about what is better for us, body, mind and spirit. The gift that this decade gives us is a little more time to think, reflect, and know that time does march on – and yes, we’ve survived it all.

What we are about to head into is not just a New Year but a new decade! A decade that we will make the best for ourselves, for our parents and children, for the next generation and for many, many generations to come. Whatever goals you have for short or for long-term, remember to think big – think beyond what is ahead in the New Year and into the new decade. It takes small steps from us as individuals, but together, consider how each of us can make a difference everyday in our lives and the lives of others.

May we wish you a prosperous New Year and spectacular second decade! Cheers 2010!