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Colour Me Fall 2015 in a Unisex Palette

FallColoursRich red browns, soft mossy greens, beautiful violets – make way for fall colours in both fashion and decorating. The fall 2015 palette certainly seems to be inspired by nature, and mixed together in both subtle and unexpected ways. Colour experts are also telling us that this fall is one of the first times we’ve seen a palette suitable to both men’s and women’s tastes, naming it a “truly unisex colour palette.”

The colours are described as “an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold colour statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural. The colours are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and security….” according to Executive Director of the Pantone Institute, Leatrice Eiseman.

So who picks the colours anyway?

Each year, colour trends are named by the international Pantone Colour Institute®. The chosen top colours are used for both fashion and decorating. Each colour is given a name. The particular tone might look “light green” to you, but in the world of colour, the colour has a much more exotic sounding name, e.g. “desert sage”.

So here are this fall’s colours, with an interpretation of the colour and how to use it.

Watch for and use:

  • Desert Sage  – A cool greenish-gray. Perfect light neutral for pants, skirts, casual jackets and sweaters.
  • Stormy Weather – Another neutral, blue grey, suitable for suits, pants, jackets, coats.

Both the above colours are great neutrals for walls, window and floor coverings.

  • Biscay Bay – A cool blue/green summery tone that some compare to tropical waters. Look for it in shirts, sweaters, ties, scarves or included in patterns for dresses, tops and ties.
  • Reflecting Pond – A cool, darker blue that’s flattering to all. Classic for jackets and suits, but also watch for it woven into checks and tweeds.

Both of these blues go well together in fabric patterns, or use in rooms with white or beige. Great choice to brighten up a darker space. Consider pairing with Mellow Yellow.

  • Oak Buff  – Not everyone will go for this mellow, golden yellow. Look for it in skirts, blazers, vests and sweaters. If yellow isn’t your colour, use as an accent on coats, belts or bags.
  • Dried Herb – An olive green that most of us “amateurs” would associate with a safari or military look. Very popular this fall in bags, boots and belts. Also great for jackets and coats.
  • Marsala – The BIG colour this fall, a winey red-brown that flatters every skin tone. Stunning for jackets, coats, dresses, pants as well as boots, shoes and bags.

These greens and browns are classic colours for fabric coverings on furniture you plan to keep fir many years. The colours go with a variety of wood types and decorating styles.

  • Cadmium Orange – A blast from the 60s and 70s past. This deep orange is usually too much as a full outfit, but great as trim, a vest, or woven into tweed. Also showing up in handbags, shoes and belts.
  • Cashmere Rose  – Everyone loves this soft pink, good for both men and women, especially when used around the face: shirts, blouses, scarves and sweaters.
  • Amethyst Orchid – A beautiful soft purple, perhaps a bit too feminine for some. You’ll see it in handbags, gloves, hats and scarves as well as in flowing dresses, shawls, or men’s shirts.

Use these colours as accents in pillows, throws, single chair coverings and accessories. Rose and Amethyst give a room a very feminine, old Hollywood feel. Orange definitively brings out that “Mad Men” vibe.