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Cool Winter, Warm Hearts

How many Facebook friends do you have? How many Instagram followers? How many people are in your contact list?

Social media creates an ability to connect and engage with the rest of the world that’s never existed in before. Our favourite apps are a wonderful way to stay connected with people, your friends and your family, whether they live on the next block or on the other side of the world. It’s now more than possible for a person to have a network of friends that’s truly global, breaking down geographical, cultural and social barriers and building friendships across the planet.

But being a friend takes a variety of different forms. Some are contacts from work or those you’ve met through other people (still listed as friends or followers).  Others are actual friends you want to stay connected with on a more personal level.

Being “Heartfelt”

“Heart-felt” is defined as sincere, warm, genuine, and deeply felt. February is a time when many celebrate relationships by connecting in a warm, “heart-felt” manner. Connecting with others in this way has the dual effect of making both people feel less alone. 

True human connection has the power to deepen the moment, inspire change and build trust. In fact, the ability to bounce back from stressful situations is actually strengthened when others reach out and give you verbal or written support.

Reach Out and Connect with Someone

Look at your network of contacts, followers, friends, and ask yourself, who do you want to connect with this month in a “heart-felt” way? It is wonderful if this can be done in person or on the telephone, but that is not always possible. When you reach out in a meaningful way, even a note or email can make a big difference. 

  • Is there someone you haven’t been in touch with for a long time, and perhaps you might want to pick up the phone and call, or send an actual letter?
  • Is there someone who might appreciate a phone call, just to see how they are doing, or catch up with their latest news?
  • Do you have a fun memory that you can share with someone? e.g. Remember when we all had dinner together and the restaurant ran out of French fries?
  • Is there a group you know who used to do activities together (perhaps hockey moms, or college friends) and you suggest a reunion? 
  • Is there someone you know who is alone and would love a visit or an invitation to go out for coffee or lunch?
  • Is there someone who would appreciate a card just to say, “I’m thinking of you”?
  • Is there a photo or video you have that you’d love to share with someone who would recognize the occasion and love a reminder of the time you spent together?