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Creating Lasting Memories this Summer

HappyFamilyCampSo What is on Your Summer Bucket List That is Going to Create a Lasting Memory?

For some, it means doing something, or going somewhere, you’ve never experienced before. This could be a heart pounding activity like doing the CN Tower Edge Walk, or visiting a part of the province where you’ve never been before. It could be learning a new skill, reuniting with someone, or doing a DIY building project with your kids.

So think for a moment, could you build a great summer memory with one of these activities?

Try Camping: Overnight in the woods is definitely an experience to remember! Many larger parks offer a first time camping package where you can learn what camping is all about with a camp ranger (and most equipment included).

Get Creative: Some colleges, such as the Haliburton School for the Arts, offer week-long and weekend workshops for learning skills such as woodworking, painting, sculpting.

Do-It-Yourself: Today’s home improvement stores offer various easy do-it-yourself projects you can build with your kids such as a sandbox, club house, picnic table, etc. These are sold as kits or available as downloadable plans. The memories you’ll make while putting it together will be the best thing you build.

Home Preserving: Gather friends or family together, bring in bushels of fresh tomatoes, and have a “home” preserving day, making sauce and freezing it for the winter months.

Organize an Event: Summer is a great time for a family or friend reunion at one of the many great parks in and around the city. Reserve a picnic space ahead of time, send out a notice, and invite everyone to bring their own picnic but share desserts.

Learn a Sport: It’s never too late to at least learn the basics of a sport, even though you might not ever excel at it.

Preserving the Memories:

  • A few souvenirs are reminders of special moments on a vacation. Souvenirs don’t have to be expensive or even bought. A menu, train ticket stub, program from a concert, CD by a local artist, local food or beverage product – all make great reminders of the good times you’ve had.
  • There are great apps that convert photos of your summer activities into fun albums, with captions and text. Consider getting one of these albums printed so you can look through it all winter.
  • Large jars with lids make great memory containers: Fill with shells from the beach, stones from a hike, a mixture of photos and physical reminders of an occasion that brought you joy.
  • Scrapbooks can be assembled with a combination of drawings, photos, and souvenirs that you’ve found along the way.
  • Enlarge your favourite photo and mount in your home for a year round reminder of those moments to remember.