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Dad, Father, Papa, Papá, mon père, Pops, Old Man – you bet! The best Father’s day gift is a day to remember

14959499_mEvery mom loves flowers and cards with expressions of love and admiration. What about the father in your life? Before this Father’s Day rolls around this year, take some time and remember the legacies of your father that carry through you.

Although we don’t tend to see it, men are emotional, they just show it differently. Whether or not they’ve been raised to “hide” emotions or if it’s just in their DNA is still up for debate. Every dad, out there, would like to know that their children admire, look up to and love them. That they remember all the good times together, skills and knowledge they learned, stories and hobbies they shared. Now is the time for you to tell them.

As Dr. Phil suggests, “everyone should take time to find out some things about their father that they didn’t know before. Get him to tell you stories about his life. Ask his opinion and accept it, rather than argue back.”

Along with all the happy times, there may be other things you wish you could tell your father but have never had the courage to do so. Then why not now? The best gift for many fathers is to talk openly, heart to heart, yet sometimes it is the most difficult thing to do.
If your father is no longer living, it is still a good time to remember what your father has passed on to you. Write down some characteristics you see in yourself, which clearly come from your father. Maybe you’re especially generous, or hard working, or perhaps you’ve got a quirky sense of humour or a great gift for knowing how to kick back and relax.

beerOr you don’t like gardening that much because your father was a gardener and he always brought you with him every time he visited his customers – so you could help him to cut all those lawns, 40 in total, “thanks dad.”

Now, that you have your father in mind, finding that perfect gift will be a whole lot easier… and more personal.