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De-clutter Before you Shop – and for a Good Cause

Holiday gift giving, new decorations, boxes of chocolates? We love it all but before long we’ve just added to all the stuff already filling our closets and drawers.

Before setting out to shop and decorate this year, take a few hours to de-clutter with others in your household. Go through each room, including the garage and basement, and collect items you don’t use any longer, or items you’ve never used (the rule is, if you haven’ tused it in the last year, then it goes). Pack them in boxes or bags and donate to your local re-use store. New decorations? Have a rule that when you bring something new into the house, something that you don’t need is given away. At the same time, go through your pantry and cupboards for non-perishable food items. These can go to a local food bank. Think particularly of healthy food items.Have a brand new gift you’ve never used? Donate it to Christmas gift and toy drives.Charities are always short on items suitable for teenagers, so consider items like video games,new electronics (those earphones you never opened,that extra digital camera), CDs, unopened cosmetics and stylish scarf, etc. If you receive a gift this your that isn’t something you’d use, don’t pack it away or open it just to have a closer look. Keep it safe and unopened so you can donate to the next charity auction or raffle.