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Delight Dad on Father’s Day

DadsBeachCelebrating dad can be a lot more challenging than picking up a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates on the way home from work. And mushy messaging and sentimental cards may fall on dry eyes. Dads can be tricky dudes to buy for, so how do you make sure to get the right gift when Father’s Day rolls around?

Start by being observant. Ask questions. Listen. What everyday pleasures bring dad the most joy? You might start to notice that it’s less about the grand gestures and more about the simple things in life.

If money can’t buy happiness, it may not be able to buy a gift that makes dad happy either. Consider gifting dad with an experience, not an item he can hold in his hands. Not feeling very creative? Keep reading for some ideas that are definitely outside of the (gift) box.

Silence speaks louder than words – On average, women speak 13,000 more words than men each day. If your dad is the strong but silent type, he may enjoy working with you, side by side, on his latest project, in silence, enjoying his hobby and your company.

A guilt-free guilty pleasure – Men typically handle stress very differently than women. Often, they bottle things up and turn to bad habits to get through the tougher times in life. If your dad is one of these guys, he would certainly appreciate a free pass to smoke that pack of cigarettes—even if he’s trying to quit—or to spend the day in front of the TV without a reminder of his need for exercise.

Immortalize an aging father – As men get older, they tend to think about their own mortality more often than they did when they were strapping young lads. If your dad is getting older, let him know that you will never forget him by planting a tree, in his name, together. Every year, you can watch it grow and think of him—even when his is no longer with you.

If you’d prefer to present dad with a gift he can unwrap, we’ve got some ideas below!
If dad is a bookworm… He might love a reading log to keep track of all the books he has read—and still wants to read!

If dad is the BBQ king… He’d feel proud to receive a new set of barbecue utensils and some gourmet sauces for his collection.

If dad loves the great outdoors… He might appreciate some updated gear: a new fishing rod, a Tilly hat, some hiking boots, or some binoculars.

If dad has gone digital… He might enjoy a personalized mouse pad with photos of the grandkids, his favourite pet, or the love of his life—mom!

If dad’s favourite sport is watching sports… You can’t go wrong with tickets to his favourite game. Or a beer fridge!

by Kathleen O’Hagan