Past Issues:

Differentiate Bad Taste from the Art of Graffiti

It seems like today there is more and more bad graffiti (tags) throughout our neighbourhoods. It has become a major challenge to keep our communities clean and beautiful.

Negative Effects of Graffiti

  • Poses a risk to the health, safety and welfare of a community.
  • Promotes a perception in the community that laws protecting public and private property can be disregarded with impunity.
  • Fosters a sense of disrespect for private property that may result in increased crime, community degradation and urban blight.
  • Creates a nuisance that can adversely affect property values, business opportunities and the enjoyment of community life.

If you find graffiti, you can report it to the City of Toronto’s Graffiti Abatement Program at 416-392-5326. City staff will arrange a clean up.

Mural Art
The City of Toronto’s Graffiti Transformation Program hires youth to remove graffiti and resurface the walls with attractive murals.

Many communities around the city offer mural art projects. They provide many opportunities for talented youth to work on creating beautiful murals and restore older murals that have been tagged over.

The Ralph Thornton Community Centre mural project, 765 Queen Street East.

For youth that want to further develop their special interests in art, music, dance and theatre, there are special art schools and programs throughout the city.

Community Centre 55 is working hard to keep our community clean

In the summer of 2008 Community Centre 55’s Graffiti Removal and Information Programme (GRIP) employed 5 youth for the months of July and August for graffiti removal.  It also developed a system for youth involved in graffiti vandalism to do volunteer community hours. As a result, the program cleaned:

  • 3,350 units of graffiti (a unit is one continuous piece of graffiti applied with the same marker or paint, or a sticker or poster is considered one unit)
  • 2,109 units on City property (street signs, parking meters, park benches)
  • 529 units on local commercial/residential property
  • 69 community development projects

This year, by July 31, the crew has cleaned 2,356 units of graffiti compared to 1,872 units last year at this time. They are ahead of the game!