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Embrace the long-awaited summer heat

Hot summer days are here. When you are feeling uncomfortable from the heat remember those soggy, cool days in May, then you will begin enjoying our precious 92 days of summer. Here are some ways to get the most out of the unwanted heat:

  • Too hot? Think back on those soggy, cool days in May when we thought that summer would NEVER come, then enjoy our precious 92 days of summer!
  • Learn from those who live in summer climates. Rest in the shade at the height of the noonday sun; take mini breaks to sit quietly and sip a cold beverage in the shade.  Slow up and enjoy the weather!
  • Participate in outdoor activities but pace yourself during a heat wave. Keep hydrated, wear a wide brimmed hat, and make sure there’s a shady place nearby to rest.
  • Check out indoor treasures such as museums, art galleries and exhibitions.
  • Walk and explore neighbourhoods closer to the lake where it’s slightly cooler and often breezier. Summer evenings are a perfect time for a stroll in a park or on city streets.
  • Pack a cooler with water and take mini trips out of town to sample local food and drinks.