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Embracing a New Winter Attitude

Every winter we hear the complaints about the season. Some say it is too cold, or there is too much snow. While others gripe about the short days or shovelling the driveway. How many of our neighbours plan to take a trip to a tropical destination for a seasonal reprieve?

Our attitude about winter needs to change. Many countries don’t get the fortune of experiencing four seasons. In fact, thousands of tourists travel to Canada to play in the snow every year. Let’s be frank, winter isn’t going anywhere. Instead of counting down the days until spring, let’s find ways to embrace the season. 

Enjoy Winter Activities – There is plenty of fun to be had outdoors in the snow. You can visit the slopes or play games in your own backyard. 

Why not dye some water with food colouring and freeze it into ice cubes. Scatter the cubes around the backyard and go on an ice cube scavenger hunt in the snow.

Another fun winter activity is snow bubbles. If the temperature is below freezing, blow some bubbles and watch them freeze. 

Of course you can always enjoy the popular activities like ice skating or tobogganing too. The key is to leave the comfort of your cushion and get outside.

Road Trip! – Whether you are an adventurer or an Instagram extraordinaire, there are plenty of rural and urban captivating destinations in Ontario to see during the winter.

Canada is home to the world’s biggest skating rink. If you haven’t already, it’s time to scratch the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa off of your bucket list. The Skateway stretches more than seven kilometres and part of it stretches right past Canada’s Parliament buildings.

Another must-see destination in Ontario is Arrowhead Provincial Park in Huntsville. The park is experiencing a surge of popularity because of its fairy-tale landscape. Arrowhead maintains more than 33 km of cross-country ski trails that are designed for classic skiing or skate skiing. 

Just Roll with It – There’s no doubt that winter has its ups and downs, but so does every season. In the summer we have to deal with mosquitoes, in the Fall there’s plenty of leaves to rake. The winter is no different. However, like the other seasons winter has its perks for both young and old. Remember how much fun it was to stay home drinking hot cocoa on a snow day?  Winter also brings new fashion and is the perfect time to enjoy a hearty soup.