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Energy $aving Tips when it’s Hot Hot Hot!

Heating and cooling your home is your largest energy expense. So how do we keep our homes cool in summer and be energy-efficient?  Check out these tips:

Window Treatments

  • Use window coverings that you can open or close easily.
  • Choose coverings with good insulating properties, such as shutters and cellular shades that prevent heat exchange.
  • Install panels and Roman shades with thermal lining.
  • Solar fabrics and window film reflect the heat and light. Window film has been reported to reduce AC costs by as much as 30-40%.

General Advice

  • Cool your house down overnight and in the morning with fans and open windows. It’s easier to keep a space cool than cool it down when it’s overheated.
  • Avoid using your oven. Cook on an outdoor BBQ if you’re able or enjoy cold entrees and salads.
  • Turn off LED and incandescent lights that emit heat.
  • Keep printers and computers turned off unless you’re using them.

Information from Karen Tsao-Pemberton of Budget Blinds of South East Toronto