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Fall: A Season of Layers

Rays_of_autumn_light_in_TorontoFall is definitely a season of layers. Wondering why we can say that? Check this out.

Layers in Clothes

When temperatures drop, the best advice for keeping warm is to dress in layers. You start with a base layer in cotton, wool or some kind of heat-tech fibre; then add a shirt, topped by a cardigan, and perhaps a bomber jacket over top. But fall weather can be unpredictable. When the day warms up, remove a layer! Evenings get cool? Add a layer!

Layers in Food

Summer is all about simple, fresh foods, often enjoyed on their own. But as soon as fall comes, we’re all looking for food that gives us warmth and extra energy.

Think about the “layers” in our favourite fall foods: hearty soups and stews, layered with various vegetables and spice; casseroles with layers of meat, perhaps rice or potatoes; roasted sandwiches or grilled Panini buns, layered with roasted vegetables, meat, cheese and pickles.

Layers in Drinks

Hot chocolate anyone? layered with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon? Enjoy other layered drinks, such as spicy chai tea, mulled wine, or the ever-popular pumpkin spice lattes!

Layers in Decorating

Now is the time to get out the woolen throw blankets, afghan throws and winter-themed cushions. The style we all want in our homes is cozy and welcoming. You can also “layer” the way you display objects, creating a tray of fall objects with candles, or perhaps a plate full of colourful gourds and mini pumpkins.

Layers in Colours

Nature provides our best example of layers! Remember all the green of summer? Now it’s given way to countless variations in rich colours: deep reds and purples of maple trees and sumacs; bright yellows of poplars and birch trees; burnt sienna grasses and blazing “burning bush” shrubs; brilliant orange foliage mixed with deep green evergreens. Even the sky is layered with dark blues, greys and purples!

Layers in Life

Fall is a busier time. All of a sudden, we’re back into our routines, which for most, means lots of activities that overlap. Whether we are working, visiting friends, celebrating with family, or walking the dog, our lives are layered with relationships, memories, and the stuff of day-to-day living. Enjoy these layers most of all! Like all layers, they make our lives rich and full.

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”Jim Bishop