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Fall Foliage in your garden?

The many shades of fall foliage

It’s not just the trees that change into beautiful fall colours. Along our pathways, in our parks, backyards and balcony planters, green leaves turn to brilliant colours with berries in rich arrays of red, purple, burgundy and orange.

Deep Purples
➊ The rambling Virginia Creeper vine turns its green leaves to deep purple/red, with blue/black berries that birds devour until the vines are bare!
➋ Many add Ornamental Cabbages to thinning flower
boxes and garden borders. The showy, purple rosettes remind
us that vegetables, too, can be beautiful!
Brilliant Red
➌ The Sumac bush turns a bright orange-red that almost glows in the sunlight and bears large cones of deep, velvety red seeds.
➍ You can’t miss Burning Bush in the fall, a favourite with gardeners, aptly named for its fiery-red foliage.
Deep Red
➎ The deep-green leaves of Boston Ivey that cover our older buildings turn a beautiful, rich red.
➏ Viburnums have great fall colour, yellow as well as red and burgundy depending on the species.
➐ American Bittersweet turns a lovely yellow, with magnificent, orange berries
Rose to Purple
➑ The Mapleleaf Viburnum is hard to beat for colour, turning a rosy purple in the fall with dark, almost black fruit.
➒ Smoke trees and bushes provide a stunning fall display. As the weather cools, their leaves turn bold shades of orange, red or yellow.
➓ A favourite Ontario tall grass, Big Bluestem, turns a spectacular mix of red, orange and bronze colours in the fall.