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Live the lavish life of ‘The Great Gatsby’

Great-Gatsby-Jewelry-The Great Gatsby, released this spring, carried us immediately into the glamour of the 1920s. Based on the top selling book of the same name, the movie takes place in 1922, just two years after women had won the right to vote. Women of that time suddenly gained a sense of freedom and strength, which was expressed through fashion and styles that were freer and bolder. For the first time, women cut their hair into short bobs, they wore shorter, less structured clothing, more make up and, of course, put on beautiful, sparkling jewelry!

Channel your inner 1920’s by picking “Gatsby” this season as your jewelry style. The central character, Daisy, is your inspiration with the fabulous pieces she wears throughout the movie.

You can find Gatsby styles in costume jewelry as well as fine jewelry stores. One single piece can turn an ordinary outfit into full 1920s glamour!

What to look for:
Colour and settings: Daisy’s jewelry in the movie mostly consists of diamonds and pearls in silver-coloured settings of either platinum or white gold.   In addition to diamonds, Great Gatsby jewelry includes sparkling gemstones like blue sapphires, green tsavorites, and pink morganites.

Sparkle and shine: Pieces are ornate, glittering and over-the-top. You’re best to pick one to wear, not all at once!

Specific items:

  • Jewelry headbands, like the famous piece Daisy wore in the movie.
  • Diamond rings and brooches with art décor styling, characterized by filigree work, straight lines and often floral elements. Daisy’s diamond ring, of course, is inspired by the “daisy” flower!
  • Single strands of long pearls
  • Multi-strand pearl bracelets and ornate “cuff” bracelets reflecting themes in nature such as leaves, flowers, even serpents!
  • Pearl-bracelet-and-ring combination that Daisy wears to the party.
  • Long pearl “tassel” necklaces and drop pendant necklaces
  • Long, sparkling chandelier earrings and drop pendant earrings