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Sock It Up with Fashion and Function

SocksFebruary and March are the months to play with your wardrobe. We all have colours we just love, but unfortunately they don’t always fit with any of your outfits, until now. In the past, we’ve hidden these colours underneath our clothing, but now we can be bold and show off, or if you are a little shy, maybe a little teaser. Either way, it will cheer you up knowing you have fun colours on without going overboard.

What are we talking about? Well socks of course. Winter is a great season to be playful with bright colours. Socks can be functional yet playful, or some may call it, fashionable.

Here are some ideas where and when you can surprise yourself and others with those fun, funky and stylish socks you always loved but not sure where and how to where them.

  1. Some socks you just can’t wear to the office or school, so put them on at home! When you come back home let your feet loose and have some fun.
  2. Boots are the best way to not reveal some of your super funky socks secrets. They can’t clash with your outfit if they are hiding inside your fashionable boots. Only you will know and feel your foot being livelier with fun socks on.
  3. Have one of two pairs where the majority of the colour matches the most common colours in your outfits. Also, colours such as black and navy blue can be a lot more interesting being to accompanied by patterns a bit fun colours. You will be surprised, although you might not know it, that people will notice it and think you’re “cool”.
  4. Go bold! Once the weather warms up, wear a pair of socks that make a statement and show them off with shorter pants or a skirt. Just be sure that the rest of your outfit is subtle, both in colour and style. This way your socks will be the centre of attention. If you feel it does not fit in with your work environment, then keep them for your next social function, movie, casual dinner, or just when you get together with your friends and family.