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Fashion Tips to Add a Mood Boost

funsocksEver wonder why everyone seems to choose grey, black and navy coloured clothing during the winter months? It is no coincidence. “We tend to mirror our environment in the clothes that we wear,” says Leslie Harrington, executive director of the Color Association. “There is less bright sunlight and cloudier days in winter, so it is more difficult for the eye to accept the brightness.”

  • But all that grey and black can also make us feel a bit “blue”, at least, mood-wise. Warmer, brighter colours actually make us feel happier. For example, research shows that yellow and green both evoke positive emotions, both in yourself and those who see you. So try these mood-boosting fashion tips!

Accessorize in colour

  • Choose a bright colour for a belt, purse, hat or gloves. The pop of blue, yellow, red, orange, even neon instantly changes an all-dark outfit into a fashion statement with a bright focal point.

Pick one thing to pop

  • Decide on one article of clothing, a shirt, vest, skirt, trouser, sweater, jacket or outer coat and go for a bright colour. For example, add a light pink cardigan to a black tee, or a bright vest to a dark shirt.

Go against the weather!

  • Surprise those around you and pick something “weather opposite”. For example, show up at a party in a Hawaiian shirt, or a bright, summery dress with a little black jacket. Or wear white! (the rule of “no white after Labour Day” no longer applies!)

Fun socks

  • Make those around you smile when you wear bright, fun socks under those dark pants. The choices are limitless these days, with fun, happy themes, humour, even classic paintings adorning footwear.  If you really don’t want to go too far, you can’t go wrong with bright socks! Women also can choose bright stockings in colour or patterns.

Shoes and boots

  • One of the best ways to make a fashion statement is through footwear that draws attention because of style and colour. This year’s choices include shiny coloured metallic as well as neon colours and coloured faux fur.

Match colour to mood

  • Choose a bright colour according to the mood you want to evoke. Yellow clothing and warm shades like orange make you feel happier. Green and blue help fight stress. Peach or rose are good for making friends. Red and red/purple is a power colour, good for dating as well as making yourself feel confident.

Scarves of all kinds

  • Scarves are easy, elegant as well as fun. Worn by men and women, a bright scarf is classic for dressing up an outfit. Set aside that camel or grey scarf and pick something with a bit more colour as spring approaches.

For those who love black

  • If you are determined to stay in winter colours, think about a small way to make someone smile. Perhaps a bright watch band or bracelet, or paint your nails a bright colour, or add colourful earrings or hair accessories.