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FIFA World Cup 2014 – Where the World Comes to Play

soccer-ball-with-globe-composited-onto-it-mike-kemp-imagesThe world’s biggest soccer event, the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil – happens this June and July. The World Cup draws the world together like no other tournament can.

Canada is a nation of many nations, with Toronto being its most diverse and inclusive city. Even though Canada did not qualify for World Cup, there is still a lot of anticipation for the tournament.

There are many cultural neighbourhoods throughout Toronto: Little Italy, Greek Town, Chinatown and Portugal Village to name a few. No matter which neighbourhood you visit, people are welcoming and friendly to all cultures.

If you are cheering for a particular team, why watch it at home when your can live the event at a local pub or bar in one of Toronto’s cultural neighbourhoods? Enjoy the games and cheer on all our countries!

Group Matches – June 12-26
Round of 16 – June 28-July 1
Quarter Finals – July 4-5
Semi Finals – July 8-9
Third Place and Finals – July 12-13

How well do you know your geography?


____ Algeria
____ Argentina
____ Australia
____ Belgium
____ Bosnia-Herzegovina
____ Brazil
____ Cameroon
____ Chile
____ Colombia
____ Costa Rica
____ Cote d’ Ivoire
____ Croatia
____ Ecuador
____ England
____ France
____ Germany
____ Ghana
____ Greece
____ Honduras
____ Iran
____ Italy
____ Japan
____ Korea Republic
____ Mexico
____ Netherlands
____ Nigeria
____ Portugal
____ Russia
____ Spain
____ Switzerland
____ USA
____ Uruguay

Visit beachesliving.ca/contest for the answers.