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Flip ‘da Flop

christian-louboutin-spring-summer-2013-shoes-3-w352Footwear is no longer just what “matches” your outfit – shoes, sandals and boots have been elevated to a fashion statement. This summer’s styles mirror the strong statements of fashion in general this season: colour, sparkle, bohemian touches and bling! Just remember, “put your best foot forward!”

Check out these trends in summer sandals and shoes, for men and women:Walk-Over-David-Hart-Fall-2013-635

  • Coloured leather, in particular, cobalt (bright) blue, yellow and red.
  • Two-tone and tone-on-tone colour, often with contrasting uppers and sole.
  • Metallic leathers are everywhere! Beautiful bronze, gold and silver metallic-coloured leathers. Look for one of this season’s favourites—shiny white quartz.
  • Wedges, yes, they’re back in a big way, and showing up on women’s sandals in cork and rattan.
  • Straps, straps and straps showing up as multiple straps, T-straps, thick straps and ankle straps.
  • Rhinestones and shiny bits, giving even the casual sandal a pop of bling.
  • Laser cut leather that gives the impression of lace.
  • T-straps with or without additional ankle straps, rather than flip flops, in more comfortable, yet stylish choices.
  • Added features like buttons, buckles, and zippers.
  • Sporty loafers, high tops and traditional brogues and oxfords for men.shoes