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Forget the Resolutions What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

ChallengeRibbonNew Year’s Resolutions work well for many people. If you’ve made a list in the past and you’ve been able to keep your resolution, good work! Resolutions are a great way of moving in a new direction or changing habits.

But for many of us, resolutions don’t work that well. You may want to lose five pounds but putting it on a list isn’t good enough. Turns out, the real challenge your face is finding enough time to exercise.

Solving these kinds of challenges calls for a real change in your life. Making such a change doesn’t happen over night but when you set a goal, you can start working toward it. The steps may seem small, but slowly you begin to see results.

Take the example above. Your challenge is fitting exercise into your daily routine. You set a goal to include 2 hours of exercise a week by the end of the year. Then you start small by walking an extra bus stop or taking a walk at lunch once a week.  After the first month you increase your walks to twice a week, then 3 times. Then you add in a half hour of exercise on the weekend. By the end of the year, you’ve found the 2 hours and have lost the pounds.
Setting a goal and reaching it feels terrific. With victory under your belt, you are more confident that you can take on another challenge. Maybe it’s looking for a more fulfilling job, or budgeting better so you can take a dream vacation.

What challenge are you facing this year? What goal can you set to overcome this challenge? And what will be your first steps to reaching your goal?

Get ready, set, go!