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Give the Gift of Experience

Holidays Family Together Experience gifts are based on the idea that time is one of our most precious commodities. The time you take to think up an experience gift, set it up and deliver the experience is very meaningful for the recipient. Experience gifts don’t have to cost any money, but usually include a combination of an item or two as well as time and imagination.

Home Theatre Night – Start with a “ticket” you create for the evening. Then go big… rearrange your family or living room, dim the lights, get the popcorn popping and line up a favourite DVD (double feature if you want).  Make sure that the wine, coffee or hot chocolate is flowing, and arrange for pizza delivered at intermission.

Chef at Home – Offer to come to the house of a friend or relative with all the ingredients, and cook a full meal, 3 course and dessert! Keep it simple and make sure clean-up is included. To save yourself some fuss, bring in a dessert from a local bakery.

Clean Team – This is a gift kids can give a parent. Offer to clean a room, top to bottom. Then for a special touch, include a bouquet of fresh flowers from a local market!

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