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Go Wild and Get Fierce this Fall

bottoms-pants-raging-animal-print-leggings-gold-shop-moddeals-1The stripes of a tiger, the skin of a snake, fur for cuffs, collars and coats, a pattern of owls on a scarf—fall 2014 fashion trends are all about the wild things in life! You may not want to pull off the entire “jungle” look but anyone can be in style with an accessory or two that brings those outdoor creatures indoors. And the wild look isn’t just for women: Men can pick up on the trend in jackets, or more in a more subtle way, a scarf, sunglasses, even a smart phone case!

How to wear “wild” – If a print on a shirt, jacket or tights is your statement, keep everything else simple.

Also consider your body shape. Prints draw attention toward the areas they cover so make sure the print is in the right place!

You also can embrace the whole look or just add a small touch for a big impact!

AnimalBeltThe whole look – Think jackets, capes, dresses, leggings, coats. Mix spots with stripes and add faux fur in a hat or bag.

Accessorize – For for a more conservative look, wear a dark jacket or dress, but sporting a tiger-striped bracelet, belt, clutch bag or a subtle animal print scarf.

Here’s what’s trending this fall:

Animal prints! Eccentric leopard spots, tiger stripes and snake skin patterns that come in bright colours: purple, jade, pink mixed with grey, black and trendy navy.

Not just clothing – Bags and purses in every size and shape come in animal prints and faux fur. You’ll also see the wild side on eyewear, bracelets, scarfs, shoes and boots. Even women’s lingerie and men’s boxers can be found in assorted “wild” themes!

PeacockShirtAnimals, birds and bugs – It’s not just about the pattern. The faces and photos of wildlife shows up on everything from leggings and socks to pants and coats. Givenchy started a trend with a rottweiler t-shirt  which now has been expanded to sweaters, coats, even a clutch.

Jewelry – Look for wildlife themes on watch bands, belts, and bracelets/cuffs. Also you’ll find jewelry, particularly bracelets, in the shape of snakes and earrings in a variety of flying critters!

Fur, real and faux – Fur on everything from the full fur coats to hats, vests and capes. A favourite is the fur-lined vest.

Vegan fashion – Vegan leather, or synthetic leather, is an environmentally friendly alternative to real leather. It is also less expensive, washable and “breathes” more than real leather.