Past Issues:

Green Talk. Green Walk.

When you wear multiple hats – selling, marketing, buying, analyzing, investing –
you keep your eye on industry trends. You try to keep up with what is happening in the world around you, stay informed, and make wise choices.

Magazines arrive almost daily along with newspapers, flyers, and various publications. That’s when you suddenly realize that everything you pick up these days talks about being green, doing green, and being more green.
Then one day a publication arrives that is twice as thick as all the rest, with a special “green insert” explaining why going green is so important and how we can all make a difference.

The message is good. You pay attention to it. But you wonder, how much more paper, how much extra energy was put into this message? It’s not just the paper; you think about the extra ink, film, design time, transportation, storage and delivery.

You may end up removing the green section so you can actually hold the publication and read it more easily. That is when you wonder if the message is being received or simply tossed aside, hopefully in a recycling bin.

It is a dilemma communicators face  – how to get out an important message in a way that gets attention. But if you truly love the planet, is this the way to really demonstrate being green?

Is it time for more green talk…. Or do we focus on doing more, “green” ?