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Harvest Décor for Your Home

Harvest time brings to mind a rich array of colours, patterns and textures. You just have to look at a fall garden to be inspired by the mixture of golds, deep greens, purples, reds and bright yellow.

With so much natural beauty around us, it doesn’t take much to bring harvest’s glory into your home. Here are some great ideas. Many only require a few “found objects” from your backyard or a local park.

A basic wicker basket makes a fantastic fall decoration, especially if it is overflowing with various pieces of foliage, or combined with dried, coloured “flint” corn. Arrange two or three together, tied with bows: bright orange, deep red, and dark green.

Remove dead or dying annuals from plants, and replace with pumpkins with a bit of greenery still left in the garden. 

Small gourds are inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways. Fill baskets on your porch or balcony, or arrange on a tray inside the house. Have your children collect some fall leaves to arrange at the base. 

Glass vases, large glass jars, even mason jars can be filled with fall’s “objects d’art”. Select one or several jars or vases of different sizes and group together. Don’t mix the items. Fill each one with your choice:

  • Acorns
  • Pinecones
  • Candy corN
  • Chestnuts
  • Milkweed pods
  • Various dried seeds and berries
  • Dried or fresh cranberries
  • Nuts in the shell
  • “Fake” coloured leaves

Nothing makes you more cozy in cooler weather than plaid, especially today’s lumberjack trend: black and red checks. Add a couple of throw cushions or blanket to your comfy couch or a balcony chair.

Populate your porch with a few well-placed gourds to give a clean look to outdoor fall decorations.

Visit a local fabric store and check out cotton fabric with harvest themes. Even a Halloween pumpkin theme works well. Buy a meter or two, and use to cover an inside or outdoor small table. 

Metal flowerpots instantly give your front porch a more rustic, autumnal aesthetic. Fill with bright autumn chrysanthemums.

Tall (dried) wheat grass is a great stand-alone decorating item. Fill jars, or tie with bright ribbons for a front door display. 

For a touch of whimsy in your dining room, put a small white pumpkin in several silver or glass wine goblets with a sprig of evergreen.

Check out your local florists for fall ideas. Most carry a lovely selection of dried fall plants such as milkweed stalks, dried chili peppers, dried pomegranates, eucalyptus, etc. Display in large buckets, or even an old watering can.

Nothing says fall like dried coloured flint corn. Display in an open wooden box at your doorstep.

Most grocery stores sell small bales of hay these days. Use as décor, or perhaps tie one or two with bright, plaid ribbons.