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Harvest in the 21st Century

Harvest means the gathering of crops – fruit, grain, even fish, usually in late summer or early autumn. But in today’s global market, the idea that we only enjoy such delights at “harvest time” is almost unthinkable. What does a “harvest” really mean in 2011.

Harvest time still reminds us of the importance of gathering together. For centuries, friends and families have enjoyed Thanksgiving as a time to celebrate good food and being together, without the fuss of presents or elaborate decorations. Harvest time is a good time to remind children about where our food really comes from: tomatoes from our Ontario farms, blueberries from Northern Ontario and the Maritimes, mangos from the Caribbean and Asia, etc.

Harvest time in Ontario reminds us that there’s nothing quite like fresh from the farm produce from local farmers – those marvelous crispy carrots, ripe peaches, new potatoes. And harvest time draws us back to a simpler time before technology and automation. During the fall, many enjoy home canning, picking apples, roasting peppers on an open fire, even baking our own bread.

So whatever “harvest” means to you, today, take a moment to think about the importance of gathering – gathering our food, our families, and our friends together.