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Holiday Time Savers

Life_D16-19So you’ve invited guests and have great plans for a fun holiday party. But now you’ve realized that maybe you’ve got too much to do at once. No fear! Smart hosts combine their own preparation with help from local stores and services that make entertaining much easier.

Consider these ideas:

Cooking Everything Yourself? – Hire a cleaning service on the day of the party (remember to book early at this time of year).

Grown-up Pizza Party – Make up your favourite big Caesar salad, and order in a selection of gourmet pizza from a local eatery. Looking for a great appetizer? Cut pizza into small squares. And serve hot or cold.

Holiday Overload? – Order in ready-made food, but serve each item in your own special dishes. All your guests will see it’s a great buffet and tasty food. This works well for a Chinese food buffet or pasta/salad feast.

Brunch  BBQ – Nothing says Canadian winter brunch like peameal bacon on crispy ciabatta buns. Or serve classic bagels with a selection of cream cheese and smoked salmon. Lots of hot coffee and tea, and your guests will start their day with a smile on their faces.

Making  all the Appetizers or Main Course? – Purchase a cake, gourmet ice cream, or “cake” pops from a bakery. Add some fresh fruit and you’re good to go!

Pot Luck Appetizer Party – Invite guests to bring an appetizer (8-10 pieces each). You’ll have a table full of delicious treats and all you need to do is provide beverages and some bowls of nuts.

Wine or Beer Tasting Party – Provide a cheese platter, but ask everyone to bring a favourite bottle (and a description) so you can taste and compare. Consider suggesting a wine or beer type, e.g. Riesling, Pale Ale, etc.

Hire Help – When students are home from university, many are glad to earn a few extra dollars. Consider hiring the boy or girl next door as your bartender, or to help you serve/clean up. Having an extra pair of hands means more time that you can spend with your guests.