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Holiday Trends this Year

Holiday Trends in food, décor and entertaining change from year to year. Check out the best holiday trends of 2014 for a beautiful, fun and festive time!

“Cocooning is out. Hiving is in.” Like bees, consumers today are opening their doors to their neighbours and family, and expressing their creativity through home entertainment.
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BlueCandlesDecorating Trends
Holiday decorations give a dramatic and exciting change to your home decor. 2014 home decor trends include:

  • Silver and gold: mix them together in decorations and tableware, with lots of sparkle and shine. Highlight with tall candles surrounded by tinsel.
  • Vintage look: re-purpose decorations from your grandmother’s closet or decorate with vintage-look items such as tin ornaments, old-style glass bobbles, wooden toys, popcorn garlands and snow globes.
  • “Frozen” (the movie) inspired theme: icy blue and white winter wonderland theme, with snowflakes, snowmen, white ribbons and clear glass candle-holders.
  • Natural look: real evergreen boughs, holly and pinecones. Pretty coloured sticks and twigs in vases, tied with red ribbon, bowls of apples and pomegranates or a hurricane glass filled with real lemons.

shrimp_cocktailEntertainment Trends

  • Home entertainment has become an expression of creativity. Don’t think of martini glasses just for drinks, use them for appetizers, such as mashed potatoes, shrimp cocktail or vegetables and dip.
  • Mix holiday music with non-holiday music.
  • Pull out board games: Jenga, Balderdash or Uno.
  • Instead of formal seating arrangements, make it easy for guests to move around the room.
  • The latest in office parties is to hold your client and staff parties at the same time.  Clients and staff get to network, and both groups feel more included and important to the company.

CranberryBriePuffFood Trends

  • Consider artisan cheeses and meats from local, year-round markets. Choose apple inspired desserts, and Ontario grown root vegetables.
  • Cranberry desserts of every description.
  • Skip the buffet and serve small plate items throughout the party.
  • Global cuisines and healthier choices, incorporated with old favourites, e.g. serving quinoa as a side as well as mashed potatoes, or spicy vegetarian samosas as an appetizer.