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How to keep your home safe and sound this summer

We think that it can’t happen to us, but residential robberies and home invasions do happen in our city. Although alarm systems help deter criminals, they can also give you a false sense of security. There are steps you can take, even if you have an alarm system, to stop or discourage criminals before they try to enter your home.

Door security:

  • Locks with key holes in the knob are NOT reliable – they can easily be forced
  • Doors should be mounted so hinge-bolts are not facing outwards
  • Install one-inch deadbolt locks on all exterior doors
  • Chain locks are poor security – install a wide angle viewer instead
  • Padlocks should be ‘heel-and-toe’ locking
  • If keys are lost or if you move, locks should be changed

Going on vacation:

  • Inform a neighbour of your departure and return dates
  • Where possible, cancel all deliveries
  • Arrange to have the lawn cut and walkways cleared
  • Use clock timers to activate lights/radios at various intervals
  • Have a neighbour pick up newspapers and mail
  • Store small valuables in a safe deposit box
  • Ensure all entry points are secured, including mail chutes, milk chutes, garage doors and upstairs windows
  • DO NOT leave notes indicating you are not at home


Source:  Toronto Police