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Don’t Forget to Shampoo & Lotion your Car in the Winter

WinterCarWe have snow! The Canadian winter has arrived! It doesn’t please everyone but we accept it, after all we are in Canada, and the snowy winter is what we are known for. This is the time our car gets dirty, salted, covered by snow and ice. Most of the time we don’t even bother to clean it since it will be dirty again in no time.

However, keeping your car clean inside, outside and underneath, is never more important then at this time of the year. Not only does it keep the vehicle looking great, it protects against unsightly corrosion, damage to exterior paint and interior fabrics and finishes.
This time of year Canadian road conditions are frozen, salty and just plain harsh. We’ve all seen dark cars covered in salt, caked in frozen slush and chunks of ice. The interiors also get dirty, with slush, snow, dirt and salt, all carried in by our boots, packages, shovels and brushes.

Cars are a major investment these days, they do a lot for us, take us wherever we want to go in good weather and bad. In respect give it a VIP service regularly, it will be happier to serving us.

Check out these tips for protecting your car through our tough winter months:

  • 20130330145515_68571Wash and Wax: Road salt is great for preventing skidding but it also promotes rust and damage to your vehicle’s paint. Make sure the exterior and undercarriage of your vehicle is washed regularly to remove salt, slush and mud. This is easily done at a car wash with power washers and strong detergents. A good coat of wax also helps protects the finish between washes – well worth the additional cost.
  • Windshield Wipers: Winter debris (salt, dirt, grit, etc.) can also damage your windshield wipers, which are very important for visibility (especially in dark, snowy winter months). According to CAA, the life of a wipe blade is typically 6-12 months. If your wipers are leaving behind streaks or making squealing noises, it’s time to replace them.
  • Wiper Fluid: Keep wiper fluid topped up to help break up snow and ice on your windshield and make sure the fluid is formulated for lower temperatures.
  • Interior: It’s worth having good winter floor mats where melting snow and salt can collect and not soak into the carpets. Drain the mats when you can and brush off dirt and debris. Salt stains on leather or vinyl can be removed with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.
  • Emergency: Keep a blanket in the back seat and have your car equipped with an emergency winter kit – just in case you get stranded.