Past Issues:

Keeping Your Family and Home Safe all Winter Long

While keeping you and your family safe year-round is vital, winter can bring its own set of problems, which, if not addressed, can end up being not just annoying, but in some cases, fatal.

As we all know, the home is often where most accidents happen and, although there will always be ‘bumps in the road’, a few simple steps can ensure your family’s safety. Making a seasonal checklist and going through it every time the clocks change is an excellent way of staying on top of things. As we all know, one of the most important tasks is making sure we have appropriately-placed smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors in the house and checking that they are all in good working order. The Toronto Fire Department’s website can supply all the information required – just that little extra effort can end up saving lives. If there are small children around, keeping decorative candles out of reach and on a stable surface is important as is the correct placement of space heaters, if used. Instead of keeping candles for use in a power outage, it’s a much better idea to have some flashlights handy, with fully powered batteries, of course!

During winter, and over the holidays, it is only natural that we will be spending more time travelling in the dark and dealing with hazardous weather conditions. If driving, check that your car’s emergency  kit is stocked up and, if walking, make sure that you, and especially your children, are wearing lighter coloured jackets, preferably with the addition of reflective bands.