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Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

when you’re away or at night

Just imagine. You come home after work or a weekend away and you’re greeted by a ransacked home. Every year, over 200,000 Canadians experience a break in. And in over 75% of the cases, the intruders came in by forcing open a door. It costs Canadians each year, in replacing stolen goods, insurance rates, and worst of all, the experience is extremely unsettling.

But most break-ins can be discouraged. The answer? Make it difficult for the thieves.

“Thieves break in through the door because it’s easy,” explains Richard Pinchuk, CEO of Safe Door Systems. “They won’t go through a window because breaking the glass is noisy and messy, and an alarm system only tells you that you have been robbed, it doesn’t stop them from entering your home.”

The Safe Door System does exactly that—it is a simple, economical and effective way to deter thieves from breaking in through an exterior door. It was developed 10 years ago by the late Jim Griffin, who owned and operated a door and window company in Toronto’s east end.

“My father saw so many break-ins that he thought that something had to be done about this, and there had to be a better way to stop them, “ says Griffin’s son, Jamie, who now runs the company now known as Jaimco Window and Doors.

The Safe Door System is a metal channel that can be easily installed on the edge of a door. It can be installed in minutes and fits most standard size doors (and tailored to fit any door).

“It’s ten times stronger than a lock because the metal and strike plate go hand in hand with each other,” explains Safe Door Systems CEO Richard Pinchuk.

The Safe Door System has been installed on thousands of doors since 2003, with no failure on record. It is sold through Home Depot across Canada and recently in the USA. Response has been terrific. Pinchuk and Griffin have received letters from police departments across North America that testify to the system’s effectiveness. Now that’s a Canadian invention which has truly made a difference!

For more information, visit safedoorsystems.com
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