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Kids “Most Awesome” Summer Story Contest WINNER!

Thank you for your stories of what you did this past summer. It truly sounded like everyone had an awesome time. Here is the winning submission sent to us by Jenna H. We hope you enjoy her story as much as we did.

Dear Editor,
My name is Jenna Hyde.  I’m 10 years old, and I just started grade 5 at Williamson Road Public School.  This is my Awesome Summer Story:

Summer rocks, on the rocks!

Three, two , one . The school bell rings as I feel the wind streaming through my hair as I run through the halls to reach freedom (AKA summer) . The moment I get on the other side of those big blue doors two thoughts come to summer ever and cottage. I wasn’t so sure if the cottage was a good thing this year. Everything changed after an invite to my bff’s cottage.

Everything started to fall into place for the best summer ever the day I went to my friends cottage on Lake Koshlong. I was freaking out, super excited for an awesome day! First we went tubing and let me tell ya, falling out of the tube…not my forte. I hate swimming with fish! We decided to try two tubes, one for her brother and one for us girls. When that ended, we went swimming and it was so fun. Then we played a game of water football, best game in the world! After that I was exhausted because the night before, I stayed up watching a great movie Marie-Antoinette.

I was ecstatic because we were going to divers rock across the lake in canoes for a picnic. We had a real struggle getting there trying to fight the waves. Once we got there we were going to jump off of divers rock, which is 30 feet high! A big deal for me.

There I was standing at the edge of the rock, swinging my arms back and getting ready to jump when I heard a voice say “Wow this is really high.” It was my friends little brother, but there was no turning back, I quickly released my feet off the ground. My eyes watering from the wind blowing against my face, I reached the water surface I pulled my hand up to plug my nose. Three, two, one…SPLASH! I plunged deeply into the water, and when I came back up I was thrilled, proud, it was indescribable.

All of these events are what made my summer rock! Summer 2010 was the best summer ever.

Jenna Hyde