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Kitchen Content Renovation

messycupboardIn previous issues of Beaches Life, you’ll know that our “renovation” theme doesn’t really mean “knock it down, build from scratch rip and tear.” We believe that you can “renovate” lots of things in your life in a gentler manner, hence our topics: Life Renovation, Wardrobe Renovation, Garage Renovation.

This is harvest time – the time of year we want to stuff our cupboards, pantry and refrigerator with fresh produce, spices and herbs. But wait – before you go out and buy, have a second look at what’s already inside your cupboards and fridge!

Do you really even know what’s in your cupboards? It’s about time you looked to see how many packets of salt and pepper, never-used spices and jars of questionable food products you’re keeping. Just because it was in a gift basket and looked expensive, it doesn’t mean you have to keep it forever.

Go through those drawers and discard what you’re not using, or find it a home where it’s appreciated. Canned goods and goodies in jars can be donated to a food bank if within their “best before” dates.

spiceNext, your fridge. Can you identify everything? Sometimes you just have to admit that the new sauce you bought was a mistake. Either find a way to bury it in a stew, or discard. Remove shelves and drawers and wash. Baking soda is great for gently scrubbing away grime and removing unwanted odours.

Now, the fun part. What ingredients do you need to replace for new ones? Spices that no longer qualify as spices, for example. Discard containers that don’t close, get rid of ingredients that have an odour that they’re not supposed to have, clean out the bottom of shelves and drawers and cover with new shelf paper or plastic liners.