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Our future transit starts here

PrintSigns are popping up with BIG lettering telling us about the construction on Leslie Street – continuing until December 2014. This is on top of other ongoing road construction in the neighbourhood such as Kingston Road and Woodbine Avenue. Like many of us, the first thoughts that come to mind; “Oh no, construction again and for how long?” “How I am getting to work, or just getting around?”

Would it help you to cope with the inconvenience better if you knew a little more about the project’s outcome?

What is the Leslie Barns Project?
If you have traveled in Europe, or other modern cities, you may have seen and rode one of their trams. We love our old-styled streetcars, but it is time they are replaced with new “flexible” ones.

To accommodate the new flexible streetcars, additional storage and a repair facility is needed. The site will be on an 18-acre vacant lot at the southeast corner of Leslie Street and Lake Shore Boulevard. The 279,463 square foot facility will house about half of the new “Flexitys”, with the others stored at two other existing sites.

About the Name
Originally called the Ashbridges Bay Streetcar Main-tenance and Storage Facility, the project was renamed Leslie Barns last fall. The facility is being built to City of Toronto’s Green Development Standards with environmental features such as a green roof and an on-site storm water management pond.

In addition to the building, the surrounding area will be developed, incorporating many natural elements of the area, including the Eastern Beaches, Martin Goodman trail and Leslie Spit. New landscaping means hundreds of new trees and plants around the perimeter of the facility, at the corner of Lake Shore Boulevard and Leslie Street, and along the Martin Goodman Trail. Other features being added are wider sidewalks, attractive streetscapes, public art and improved lighting.

Road Closure Details and Alternatives

  1. A temporary access from westbound Lake Shore Boulevard to the shopping plazas on the east and west sides of Leslie Street.
  2. Access to the Martin Goodman Trail will be maintained at all times marked with advanced warning signs and additional lighting for visibility.
  3. Leslie Street from Lake Shore Boulevard to the first traffic lights north will be closed until November 2013.


For more information and updates on progress and road closures, visit ttc.ca/About_the_TTC/Projects/Leslie_Barns/index.jsp