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Lessons in Business first learned at Camp!

Every year, thousands of families send their children to camp. Most parents were campers themselves and know only too well the valuable “life lessons” learned in a camp setting as well as memories of fun and friendship that last a lifetime.

We have to depend on each other
There are no “lone rangers” in camping. Everyone has an important role and must be able to work together as a team to get things done (like portage a river or set up a campsite).

There’s always a solution
When you’re in the middle of the woods and you have to solve a problem, you will figure out the answer because you have to. You’ll have to use your collective wits, usually without someone “older and wiser” telling you what to do.

Simple is often the best choice
Camp demonstrates that a simpler approach to life is full and rewarding. Sometimes things get just too complex and when you return to the basics, you’ll find the answers and be happier.

We always have to move forward
You can’t waffle on a canoe trip when heading into rapids. Camping teaches us that good or bad, we have to make decisions, which means sometimes we have to compromise and sometimes we have to try things we’ve never tried before. But we always have to move forward.

We all need time away
Without distractions of electronics, the local mall, and everyday schedules, camping teaches you to treasure the important things in life: relationships, the environment around us, and best of all, time.