Past Issues:

Let’s Go to the Ex 2010 – August 20 to September 6.

65th Anniversary of VE Day
This year’s Warriors’ Day Parade on Saturday, August 21 celebrates 4 anniversaries:

  • 65th anniversary of VE Day
  • 200 years of Cavalry and the Governor General’s Horse Guards
  • 150th anniversary of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada
  • The Canadian Naval Centennial.

Many military and para military can take part!
General Walt Natynczyk, CMM, MSC, CD – Chief of the Defence Staff will be the distinguished guest of honour and reviewing officer.

What a parade this will be!
For more information about the Warriors’ Day Parade or how to participate, visit

Relax in an art chair
This year enjoy sitting in one of 150 Muskoka chairs placed around the EX. Over 2400 school children helped decorate the chairs.

A greener than ever fair:
The CNE is actually the world’s “greenest” fair and this year, once again, commits to being green! Last summer, the CNE recycled 77.3% of its total waste, which was diverted from landfill!

Unique Art
A massive 100 tonne sand sculpture will feature rock ‘n’ roll stars from yesteryear.

FUN CNE Facts:

  • Number of bead necklaces thrown during the CNE Mardi Gras Parade: 500,000 beads.
  • Land span of the CNE grounds, including parking: 192 acres.
  • Number of teddy bears given away at last year’s CNE would cover, if lined up from end to end: 572 football fields.
  • Average number of glasses of Old Fashioned Lemonade sold each day: 1,000 glasses.
  • Tons of manure produced by the CNE Horse Show and The Farm: 1,921 tons.
  • Pounds of dough Tiny Tom Donuts uses during the fair: 20,000 lbs of dough.