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Let’s Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

Who can ignore a celebration that includes about 70 million people each year! All around the world, Irish and non-Irish alike drink Guinness, sing songs and wear green on March 17th.

St. Patrick, Ireland’s Patron Saint, was born in the 4th century. He used shamrocks to explain the Holy Trinity to pagans and is also known for driving snakes out of Ireland, although there’s no evidence that Ireland had a snake problem.

Today, Saint Patrick’s Day has come to be associated with everything Irish – anything to do with green and gold, shamrocks and good luck.

How to be Irish on March 17
Irish and non-Irish all celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some tips for how to “be Irish for the day.”

  • Quote Oscar Wilde, one of Ireland’s most famous playwrights! “I can resist everything but temptation”, said Oscar Wilde.
  • Polish up your singing skills, at least so you can sing: “Too da loo ra loo ra doo de da, a too ra loo ra loo ra doo de da”
  • Insist that your beer is dyed green, or better yet, learn to drink Guinness.
  • Say “Erin go bragh” often (it is Gaellic for “Ireland forever”).
  • Serve Irish stew (see “Food Talk” for a great recipe).
  • Enjoy an Irish breakfast, a plate overflowing with fried eggs, bacon, sausage, potato cakes, soda bread, and black pudding.