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Make the most of August it’s NOT your average month

auguststory_1August is a month of upside-down routines because of vacation schedules, summer activities and warm weather routines like staying up late into the evening, taking a day off before the summer ends, adding in an extra “golf” day or time at the beach, letting the kids sleep in ‘till noon.

But in four weeks, we’ll be starting September, wondering where those 31 days of August went. Before the days slip away on you, make an August plan. Set aside some time, perhaps on a quiet patio, and think about what you’d like to do in these next few weeks of wonderful summer weather.

It’s also a good time to make plans for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. September is a new start for many of us, regardless of your age or whether or not you’re a student. Back to school isn’t just for kids.

What are you planning “back to fall” this year?augustcalendar_1

  • If you are thinking about going back to school, research some courses available at local colleges/ high schools or perhaps a program at your local community centre.
  • Not very happy in your current job? Take some time to consider what you would like to do and make a plan on how you can achieve it.
  • Plan one or two day trips to a place you always wanted to visit or somewhere you do not know much about – you may be surprised.
  • Get together with family and friends to catch up with each other.
  • If you have any home improvements in mind, while you have some time, visit a few supply companies to see what is available and at what cost.
  • Visit an art gallery, museum, the Science Centre, or explore some new cuisine at a restaurant.
  • Plan an active outting – cycling, canoeing, walking in your local parks or to Toronto Islands.
  • If you are graduating from high school with in the next year or two, get ahead and research some schools on the subjects you are interested in.