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Make this holiday season your personal best

Whatever your traditions, the holiday season has been celebrated by young and old, year after year. If you are young, you are just starting to count each and every holiday season.

But for many, the holidays might seem countless by now. Our good memories can make the season special!

So before you make a list of gifts to buy, before you send that email, or make those phone calls to arrange parties with family and friends, before you set off for shopping, think back, and remember some of the best times from your holidays:

  1. What are the best holiday moments from your childhood? Maybe it’s remembering being able to stay up late, baking gingerbread cookies, or tobogganing with friends in the  snow.
  2. Things you used to do with your family or friends at Christmas: A trip out of town that you can still remember, the best movie you watched, or maybe staying in your pajamas until noon.
  3. What was your biggest (good!) surprise?
  4. What were the most special gifts you ever received, or the ones you kept for a very long time?
  5. What are the best celebrations you can remember? Perhaps with family, friends or co-workers finding that perfect Christmas tree? Putting on a show? Playing silly games?
  6. What was the best gift you ever gave, to a child, parent or your grandmother or grandfather?

The holiday season is a very valuable time for families and friends to get together. Share some good times, catch up on your past year and re-tell some old-time stories. It is also a time to pass on family traditions and stories to the young and help keep your family history alive.

Make this holiday season and every special occasion, your personal best!