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Making Summer Fish Stories

Summer is heaven for anglers. There’s nothing like making a catch and bringing it home for a superb meal. Seeking out a place to fish in Ontario is not difficult; with our plethora of lakes, rivers and streams. There is no shortage of places to go fishing in the province. No matter what city, town you live in there is guaranteed to be a fishing hole nearby. Ontario has over 250, 000 lakes to choose from. Some of the popular locations include Lake Simcoe, Rice Lake, but there is also the Rouge River. Ontario is also home to a variety of species. Some of the most popular catches include brook and lake trout, northern pike, small or large mouth bass, salmon, panfish, walleye, catfish and muskies.

Although fishing can be a worthwhile pastime, it is not for everyone. Even for those who don’t fish themselves, there are a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater fish to enjoy during the summer. Seafood is a lean source of protein, they provide all sorts of health benefits, including heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Here are some meal options to enjoy before the summer comes to a close.

Freshwater Fish:

BASS – This freshwater species is always a popular choice among Canadians. Bass fish are a great choice for fish tacos, or make spicy buttered-steamed bass by buttering the bass and seasoning it with your favourite herbs before steaming it.

TROUT – Trout is another favourite among anglers. There’s nothing like catching this fish and grilling it on an open flame. For those who want to prepare this fish at home, try pan-frying it in butter then baking it in the oven with lemon, garlic, fresh herbs and shallots.

Another trout meal to cook at home is a pan fried trout served with a buttery white wine sauce, bacon and potatoes.

CATFISH – If you want to try something outside of the box this meal is just for you. Most people think jerk is only for chicken and meat, but it goes well with catfish too. Rub your favourite Jamaican jerk paste on catfish fillets and broil for a crisp spicy coating.

Catfish is often a more meaty fish. Which means it is perfect to cook on an open grill. Coat it with your favourite sauce and a side of your choice.

NORTHERN PIKE – This large species of fish can be prepared in a number of ways. Its size makes it great for stuffed fish, but it can also be grilled, pan fried, baked, or roasted too.

Saltwater fish:

SALMON – Salmon is another meaty fish that is versatile. It can be considered saltwater or freshwater. You can grill salmon steaks, or pan-fry it in butter or even a teriyaki sauce. Baking it is a healthy option for salmon and it can be served with rice, potatoes or a salad.

MUSSELS – Mussels aren’t fish, but they are an easy seafood option. Mussels are relatively inexpensive, and they’re also environmentally friendly. Toss any mussels that do not close. Mussels cook quickly and can be steamed, smoked, grilled, and baked.