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Making the Most Out of This Summer

For most people in the city, summer holidays this year will definitely look and feel a bit different this year. Perhaps your plans to travel have been cancelled, or your favourite music festival has been postponed. It is true, many of the summer staples, like having drinks at your favourite patio, have been modified this year because of social distancing. If you usually enjoy taking time off from work during the summer, or spending the day at the beach, you may have to alter your plans a little. Although many things have changed, there are some activities that remain the same. There are few activities you can enjoy doing this summer that inherently practice social distancing, while giving you a sense of normalcy.

Camping or Cottage Trips – Escape the noise of the city and cozy up with nature. Summer is an ideal season to get outdoors. There is a plethora of parks in Ontario for those looking to go camping. A tip for anyone who is trying camping for the first time, why not camp in your backyard? By camping at home, you can practice skills like putting up your tent and inflating that new air mattress. Camping is a great activity to do as a family, with a group of friends or even solo.

Another option is going to the cottage. Take a trip up to your family cottage. This time of year there are cottages and resorts of all shapes and sizes available for rent. Cottages are a nice in-between from camping. You get to be away from home and enjoy the outdoors, but still have the luxury of sleeping on a bed!

Drive-In Theatres – Drive-In theatres were all the rage in the 1970s. And there are still a couple locations in the Greater Toronto Area. Newmarket, Oakville and Barrie are just a few of the towns close to Toronto which have drive-in theatres. There’s nothing like sitting in your car with popcorn and snacks while enjoying the latest blockbuster. 

If driving to the theatre isn’t an option, then bring the theatre to you. There are many streaming services for watching your favourite film. Cozy-up in the living room with your favourite snacks and enjoy. To add a theatre element to the occasion, close the blinds, turn off all the lights and put the volume up. There are also local parks that have been putting on movies outside. Do some research and see if there are any showings near you.

Summer Renovations – Summer is the best opportunity for house renovations. Did you want to upgrade the front porch, or add a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of your house? Well, here is your chance to spend some time doing those upgrades you’ve been ignoring since pre-pandemic. If you don’t feel comfortable hitting up one of the restaurant patios in your neighbourhood, purchase a patio set and make a pitcher of sangrias!