Past Issues:

Memory Keepers

Most of us have old family photos framed and displayed in a family room, bedroom or even hallway. We treasure these memories from the past.  It’s not unusual at an annual family gathering to see brothers and sisters gathered around a photo captured in years gone by.

Today, with digital cameras it is easier to take family photos, however keeping the family album has become a challenge. Most have thousands of photos on their computers and mobile phones but these often remain there; many are emailed and uploaded to Facebook, but few these days end up printed and pasted into an album.

As our lives are busier these days, family gatherings are more important than ever. This holiday season, when you do spend time with family or friends, make sure to not only take some happy family photos, but also make sure you enlarge and print out some of the special ones. Sending a copy to each of your family members will help keep your memory alive for generations.

Other Ideas to Print Some Memories

  • Start building your family album this year and add photos to it each and every year. Have fun by adding captions and notes to each page.
  • Add notes to the back of your photos with names and dates, then put in a “memory box” displayed on a coffee table.
  • ”Publish” your own family photography book. Today you can print your own photo books from a single copy to as many as you need. There are many services available from your local photo labs, to online services. They are quick and affordable.